Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's On My Nails?

Over the weekend I made a routine stop at the MAC counter and the MUA had a gorgeous color on her nails. I had to have it! Dolls and Gents this is Oyster Shell. I purchased this for $15.00. I know, a wee bit expensive but oh well. Divide that amount by the number of times you'll wear it and it's super cheap! Lol. MAC describes the color as a light stone grey which is exactly what it is. It is a cream so it has no metallic or glitter. The wear of this polish is also pretty fab. I had been wearing it for 3-4 days without a top coat and only one of my nails was barely chipped on the edge. Keep in mind that I work on a computer type, type, typing away all day. Personally I like this color alot.

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