Sunday, January 29, 2012

Milani Haul!!!!

I'm not sure if you guys have heard yet, but CVS is having a major sale on Milani cosmetics. Apparently they are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Most of their cosmetics are now 75% off. I stopped by this weekend and picked up a few things. Unfortunately, the one thing I really wanted they didn't have which was the Liquif'eye eyeliner in black and the backed bronzer in Golden. But isn't it always that way? *shrugs* Anywho, here are the things I did purchase.

Milani Mineral Blush in Sweet Rose and Sunset Beach

Here are swatches. Sunset Beach on top and Sweet Rose on the bottom:

I already owned a Milani Mineral Blush in Sunset Beach. I can say that I absolutely love this blush. It is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. It blends pretty easily and isn't at all chalky. It is a matte blush that has no shimmer but it still gives a nice glow to your cheeks. As I said, it is really pigmented so you need to be careful when applying it.

Lipstick in Berry Rich

Below swatch of Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Charcoal, Lip Mixer Gloss in Lip Mingle, and Berry Rich Lipstick:

This sale is going on in all CVS stores in the US. So ladies be sure that you go out and get a few things. More than likely I will be hitting up a few more stores to see if they have the things I really wanted. Let me know what you guys bought. Happy Shopping!


Sd said...

Great buy! I wish we had a CVS in Canada..want those Milani blushes so bad:(

TeshaMarie said...

@Sd I know! They were super cheap, like $1.89! Email me at and I'll pick some up for you if there are any left at my CVS :-)

shani. said...

i love milani products , i just bought their baked bronzer im in lovee ill most def be going to cvs this week thanks =]

TeshaMarie said...

@shani no problem doll! Hopefully your CVS still has a ton of stuff left