Saturday, December 31, 2011


So this time of year (the end that is) we all begin to make resolutions. Usually ones that we don't keep. But we do it anyway. Well I don't know about you guys but I plan on keeping mine. In addition I'll share some of mine with you.

1. Eat & Live Healthier
Although I'm a slim chic my eating habits are horrible. Fast food, junk food, greasy food, all food, all the time. Yes, I'm that girl lol. Sad but true. I can't say I'm going to cut all of those things out all together. Let's be realistic. But I plan to cut back and eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water, no soda. I also plan to exercise more.

2. Go Back to College
Enough said. Point blank. Period.

3. Buy Quality Over Quantity
So long to the shopping sprees in Forever21 and Charlotte Russe. You know, the stores wear you pray your new buys make it through gentle cycle in the washing machine. Having those few items you know will last a few years beat out the hundreds of pieces you buy that don't last the first couple of washes.

4. Grow Longer Hair
This year I started a hair journey, which I plan to update you on occasionally. I did some research and started a regimen to grow longer healthier hair.

5. Learn to Thrift
Sometimes you find some really great things at thrift stores. And for really cheap! Of course you may not find something every time you go. But with patience and continued efforts you just may come up on something amazing. And one of a kind.

What are some of your resolutions?

New Year

Sooooooo its been a while. I can not believe my last post was in 2009. What a busy bee I have been. So many changes have taken place and so many are soon to come. 2012... resolutions... so cliche, I know. But one of mine will be to update my blog. Can't promise daily updates yet. But def more frequent updates. A new look for a new year. Stay tuned!