Friday, October 16, 2009

HOT Designer Alert: Kerin Rose

So remember the sunglasses Rihanna was rockin in the Run This Town video? Well they're by a-morir by Kerin Rose. She's an independent designer of finely handcrafted accessories. Most of her pieces incorporate swarovski crystals and they are definetly statement pieces. What chick doesn't love swarovski crystals, pearls, and chains? So if you are looking to make a statement, or like her site says if "you want to break necks and drop jaws", this is definetly for you. I'm loving all of the sunglasses. You can visit her site and shop at Take a look at her pieces below.

Barracuda $350.00

Sabotage $600.00

Love/Hate Convertible Pearl $260.00

Love/Hate Gold $250.00

Beethoven $200.00

Check the video. Be patient, it takes a few seconds to start:

KERIN ROSE from TONE on Vimeo.

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